How fast do IgnitePlayers Ocoopa Handwarmers heat up?

Experience warmth at lightning speed! Our handwarmers heat up in just three seconds, ensuring you're ready for gaming action without delay.

What's the duration of heat provided by the handwarmers?

Long-lasting warmth is at your fingertips! Equipped with two 5000mAh batteries, our handwarmers provide over 8 hours of heat, and can even recharge your phone 1.5 times.

Can you explain the magnetic design of these handwarmers?

Absolutely! Our handwarmers feature strong magnets, seamlessly connecting them for a secure, easy-to-carry design. This means they stay together reliably, even when you're on the move.

What are the heat settings available and how are they adjusted?

Tailored comfort for every gamer! Our handwarmers offer four adjustable heat levels up to 55°C, with a memory function to recall your last setting for instant comfort next time.

What is the ideal power rating for USB adapters used with these handwarmers?

For optimal charging, use a USB adapter with a 10W (5V, 2A) rating. Avoid high-power adapters like those for iPhones/iPads/MacBooks, as they might be too strong. If the handwarmer's light blinks, switch to a compatible adapter for best results.

Are the IgnitePlayers Ocoopa Handwarmers safe for continuous use?

Safety first! Our handwarmers are designed with built-in safety features, ensuring they're completely safe for continuous use during long gaming sessions.